dom drama

“You’re in over your head,” he said. There was condescension in his voice.

He had apparently told this Hot Shot Dom that I was still his sub. And Hot Shot Dom apologized and blamed me for misleading him and for violating the integrity of their friendship.

I knew that they knew each other, but characterizing it as a “friendship” sounded like a conveniently new to me.

I didn’t trust myself anymore. I also didn’t trust him.

I said that I had thought they were more serious players there, but they turned out to be just like everyone else – only caring about getting off.

He warned me to watch it, but I didn’t stop. I heard my voice thinning, my tone ugly.

Getting turned on when you have a naked, moaning submissive in your arms is understandable, but getting annoyed and then masking it as upset over a “supposed” violation of a “supposed” friendship is bullshit.

He said my name, his voice hard.

No more warnings.