how it happened

How did it all start?

My heart had gotten broken and it made me reckless. As a result, I did many crazy things – one of which was stripping.

At work, I crushed on another stripper who had a psychobilly look: pale skin, red hair, cropped bangs, glasses, boots, dog collar. When she was on stage, she would smack the inside of her thighs so forcefully that a cracking sound would resonate throughout the club, over the music, the conversations.

Whenever she came on stage, I would shush the customers I was sitting with. They were often inspired by my enthusiasm and would give me money so I could leave her tips on stage.

And then I got spanked. My first time. I wasn’t expecting it.

My ex’s friend had asked to photograph me in lingerie for his portfolio. I had known the guy for some time so I wasn’t apprehensive and I agreed.

For the shots, he asked if he could tie my hands and ankles with nylons. No problem – until he took the opportunity to spank me over and over and over. I was scared, it hurt, I cried out.

Eventually, he untied me and apologized. He said he didn’t warn me ahead of time because he had wanted authenticity for his images. As fast as I could, I got out of there. But strangely – I laughed and cried the whole drive home. It was exhilarating.

Back at work, I told one of the regulars what happened because he had shared with me that he was a submissive. Shortly thereafter, he took me to my first club.